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I’m late for the weekly photo challenge because I took a trip out into the country with my family. I’ll be sharing more pictures soon!


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I’ve been doing some star-gazing at night lately. That is definetely called for, considering the name of my blog. The moon is at her fullest right now and sends her icy light over the sleeping world. I like the way she hides her face in the lower picture.

Lately, I’ve been more obsessed with the moon than usual. It is one of my bedtime rituals to spend a few moments contemplating the sky. Since I started reading Moon Palace by Paul Auster (again) a couple of days ago, I’ve been thinking about it more. It is one of my favorite books, and gives me lots of food for thought.

The moon is a recurrent image in this book (duh…hence the name). The book gives a lot of details about other books, writers, painters, and many other things, and it’s a nerdy pastime of mine to look up these references.  One of them is to Ralph Blakelock (1847-1919), painter of moonscapes.

He led an interesting but tragic life, a large part of which he had to spend in a mental asylum. When his pictures finally began to sell big, it wasn’t easy to track him down there. Being in a mental asylum back then must have been a cruel experience. Blakelock wanted to paint so badly that he used anything he could get his hands on as material- pieces of cardboard and the like. For brushes, he used bark and his own hair. Enough said.

ImageImage via http://g1b2i3.wordpress.com/tag/ralph-blakelock/

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