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I met this beautiful deer when I spent a day out in the country with my family. Bambi was not very shy. I could even pet him…or rather her, I guess, because she doesn’t have antlers. It’s lucky we have those Disney movies to educate us.

Deers are really graceful creatures with their long necks and legs and those big, warm eyes. I love the way they look at you from a distance with their ears pricked towards you, like in the first picture. It looks even better when the whole herd is doing it in unison. They have got that move perfectly synchronized.

I’ve got a couple more pictures from this outing we took. So, if you’re into more cute animals, or more into the top-notch landscape photography I create with my non-professional gear (Lumix and Picasa/Irfanview effects), be sure to drop by 🙂

But seriously, it was a great Sunday trip to the country with some interesting sights.There’s nothing more refreshing for me than to get away from computer screens, books, coffee, and traffic, and breathe some musky forest air. Somehow the air in the woods smells green, and brown, and rich.

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