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Nothing reminds me more of saying goodbye than trainstations do – well, maybe airports, but I don’t think they photograph as well. I see a certain tristesse in a trainstation’s uber-functionality. It’s as if you already were in a foreign city where you don’t know what the signs and lights around you mean.

I try not to linger at trainstations too long when I say goodbye because it makes me sad. When I feel like being a little melancholy, however, I go to a bridge across some railroad tracks a little ways downtown. I try to wallow in the bleak aspect of a maze of tracks that seem to lead nowhere. I usually don’t succeed because that bridge is a popular place for young people to hang out and drink beer. It can be really hard to find the right place to spin melancholy thoughts sometimes.

Do you guys like to be melancholy sometimes? Do you put on sad music or watch a movie you know will make you cry?

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