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While Americans are sweating in an unprecedented heat wave, and Russians are suffering from floods from the constant downpour, the weather has been comparably benign here in central Europe. In my part of Germany, we have only been complaining about the occasional chilly spell with rain. I had been pining for some real summer weather with the right amount of sweat and summer rain.

After looking through Samantha Pleet’s Fall collection, I can take Zeus’s eccentricities in stride. The colors in this collection are beautiful, perfectly toeing the line betweeen romantic and gloomy, which happens to be what I associate most with the waning of summer. I also love the way the fabric falls into folds on many designs- very reminiscent of ancient Greek dress. Maybe the gods’ ire can be softened by these pretty dresses on young nymphs like me? If only I could afford one of them…*sigh*ImageImage


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